Friday, December 4, 2015

Heat Stink

December 4, 2015

This last week has been hell.
Daisy has been “heat” for about ten days.
Daisy is an Ecuadorian beach dog that my ex-husband and I rescued five & half years ago.
I suppose she was about 9-10 months old then, had not reached sexual maturity yet (June/2010), and we took her to a local vet at the time to have her spayed.

Unfortunately, what we didn’t know then is that some vets here take “short-cuts” (or they are limited in their expertise) and he did not remove all her female parts.
She can’t get pregnant, though the lousy job the vet did still allowed Daisy to develop some impressive titties, and an appreciation for getting laid now and then.
Hence, Daisy experiences twice a year “pseudo heat” phases.
It is never pretty, can get extremely noisy, smelly, bloody – you name it.
The only way to counter-react/minimize this occurrence is to give her an “anti-heat” injection (as soon as recognized/possible) when she enters into this arena.
A few years ago, we took her to another vet to get a full hysterectomy, but she is not a candidate for that procedure because when he opened her up, he discovered that her ovaries are covered with sexually transmitted benign tumors which are adhered to other life-giving organs.

(A caution to others who are rescuing dogs – please make sure you use a qualified vet when spaying female dogs to avoid Daisy’s situation).

Normally, Daisy exhibits “pre-heat” symptoms in time for me to make sure she gets her shot.
It doesn’t totally eliminate the “love” cycle, but does minimize the duration of it, and she is much less receptive to the boys’ amorous advances.
However, this time Daisy gave no warning and went into full hussy mode within an hour in one day – too late for the hormone injection to be effective.
Also regrettable is that her chosen orgy den is in my old neighborhood of Jardines de Olón (where I used to own a home, and still own a lot) – which doesn’t sit too well with my friends and neighbors there.  After a few nights of loud gang-bang commotion in those backyards, one of my friends (who was understandably pissed) was able to lasso her away from the horde, and return her back home to me, where I have done my best to keep her inside.

What a nightmare!

Hope springs eternal.

At least 8-10 dogs have been lurking, barking, pissing outside my door for over a week now.
In particular, one huge German Shepherd has been persistent (he is bigger than Daisy, and Daisy weighs at least 50 pounds).  
Not only did he park himself out front, he periodically would fling himself at my door, scratching it while trying to bash it in…
I can tell you this was pretty unsettling – the first time it happened at night, I thought someone was trying to break in, and scrambled for the machete I keep around.

Daisy and I were trapped inside.
But of course, she needed to go outside for a pee now and then (on a leash).  Nearly impossible, while trying to hold onto her while throwing rocks at a bunch of aggressive and horny dogs in the meantime.

And Daisy wanted it too…oh yes…without the injection, she wanted it bad.  Argggg.

She broke off her leash a couple of times (collar slipped over her head) and took off with the gang.
The first morning she did this, I caught up with her at the beach.  At least nine dogs (that I counted, and the German Shepherd was particularly intimidating) were surrounding her/mounting her/fighting with teeth bared, as I waded in to try and slip the collar back on her neck while flinging sand in the other dogs’ eyes.
It was a scary situation…By the grace of God, none of these dogs retaliated by attacking me – because they only had one thing on their minds...
The dogs that weren’t trying to mount her were trying to hump me, evidently because her heat stink was on me too.
Despite the fright and the frustration, even then I could somewhat appreciate the comical aspect of the beach entertainment this hullabaloo was providing for bystanders (indeed – I noticed my buddy Jorge at the Olón Beach coconut stand doing his best not to laugh).
A few kind Ecuadorian tourists tried to assist, to no avail.  I called my friends Annette and Dan, who live nearby for help, and Dan showed up, wisely thinking to bring a big, sturdy walking stick with him to fend off the dogs.

Then ensued about an hour of Dan and I chasing Daisy and pack around town (locals enjoyed that show too), when Dan was finally able to catch and leash her.  We put her in his truck to bring her back home, but had to first “floor it!” up the Ruta del Sol for a while to lose the dogs chasing us, to throw them off the trail.

This photo taken about halfway through episode from “trapped inside”.
Daisy blissfully sleeping while dogs are loudly battering their bodies against front door.
Daisy is old enough to be somewhat deaf and/or was teasing that Germ Shep bastard outside who lunged at our door each time we tried to go out.

A few mornings later, she got off her leash again.  I caught up with her in Jardines de Olón, and was able to leash her, but only dared to take her as far as nearby Dan & Annette’s fenced in place (and only able to that because Dan thoughtfully lent me the BIG STICK to use, after her last escape to joust off Daisy’s suitors).
Daisy and I landed at their place around 11:30 AM.
I was tired, overwhelmed and sobbing…Thanks, Annette and Dan for the proverbial shoulder, and the much needed morning Pilsener.

As I write this, the worst is now over, and Daisy is almost back to her own self.

Photo taken yesterday.
This cute local "wee-bit" dog was a little late for the party…and well…just a leetle bit leetle also.  

(Some of these photos are from my archives, since I would have needed a few extra arms to capture some of the more recent “special moments”…and was not able to get a photo of that freakin’ German Shepherd).