Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Daisy Update

July 22, 2015

Daisy is doing much better.
I returned to Guayaquil on Monday afternoon – when all her tests results were ready, and recommended doctor was there to give his evaluation.
She does have degenerative rheumatoid arthritis in her hips pretty severely (“riddled with it”), but she is at least able to get up on her hind quarters and walk now...Not curable, according to doc.

Her blood work is good, except for somewhat low platelet count - she will be on antibiotics for the next couple of weeks for that to make sure that any possible lingering effects of the tick born disease (Ehrlichiosis) are eradicated.
She will be on a course of homeopathic joint medication for rest of her life that should help ease her discomfort and give her more agility for now.
Doc wants to try this for a couple of months to see how she responds before he sees her again.
So for now...all is "okay"...taking a wait and see attitude.
Daisy and I returned to Olón yesterday (Tuesday) and she’s fairly frisky at the moment, and glad to be back home.
Todd and I met last night so that I could give him a supply of her meds to keep at his place when she is over there. 

If she does not improve or appears to be in perpetual discomfort - will not put her through that for long… on this, both Todd and I agree. 

Monday, July 20, 2015

Daisy Girl

June 19, 2015

Yesterday morning, I was just getting ready to post an essay I’ve been fiddling with for a while (the theme was more or less about trying to toggle between two cultures after my second visit to the States since living in Ecuador for five years)…and it’s pretty funny piece.

But I’m shelving it for the moment.
I was in Guayaquil most of yesterday with Daisy Dog on an emergency run.
She is sick; I think she is seriously ill.
I got back from Guayaquil (three hours away from my home in Olón) around 11PM last night.

Daisy is a stray beach dog that my ex-husband and I adopted 5 years ago, when we moved here.  She was a frisky, friendly, smart and energetic dog that we all still love, and anyone who has had the pleasure of meeting Miz Daisy falls in love with her.
She’s a very independent dog; she has run outside free all of her life – and she would have it no other way...
You can take the stray dog off the beach, but you can’t take the “beach stray” out of the dog.

She was struck by a big truck barreling down the Ruta del Sol back in 2012. 
She survived that without major injuries, but she’s never been quite the same since. That injury still pains her in her hind joints and the end result – she is not as flexible and has walked a little “gimpy” since then.
Also, the local vet that routinely does Daisy’s check-ups diagnosed her last August with Ehrlichiosis (chronic dog tick disease – similar to “Lyme” disease in humans.)
She was treated for that, and subsequent blood tests taken a couple of months later “in town” (aka a Libertad clinic that has more sophisticated labs and equipment than our local small town vets can provide) came back negative for the disease.

I snapped these photos last time
I was in the Libertad vet's 
examination room

And yes, I actually do have one more
picture that is closer up and

But Daisy's been limping more than usual in the last couple of weeks.
She walks slow in the AM till she stretches out and gets a little more agile (don't we all, as we get older?)...Daisy isn't a youngster anymore, either.
But for her to go from slow-moving yesterday morning to hindquarters totally paralyzed by lunch time suggests something more serious to me.
I was frantic to get her to Guayaquil, which is the largest city in Ecuador, and ultimately (at least for now – still the best option for those of us on the southern coast with seriously ill pets).

The buses will not take large dogs, nor will most cab drivers.
There is at least one Olón area driver that I know that will take big dogs in his vehicle (Galo), but to arrange that 3 hour trip in/3 hour trip back – need NOW…with a dog—was potentially logistically laughable.
Especially since it’s been raining like crazy here for the last few days.
I am so grateful that Galo was available and a big thanks to friend Dave Lightowler for handling those arrangements during my panic. And another big nod to Annette, who zoomed over to my place with her level head to help me gather all that I needed to take for the trip…And also big hugs to all my local and FB friends for their advice, support, information yesterday.
Galo and I took her to a GYE clinic (open 24/7) that has a number of good recommendations.

The weekend staff on duty was caring, kind, but limited regarding what they were able to do until Monday.
No diagnostic tests will be complete until Monday afternoon.  Initial x-rays do indicate pretty severe arthritis in her hips.
I had to leave Daisy in Guayaquil. It broke my heart leave her there, but they have all night staff/medicine that will make her more comfortable till then.
I am back in Olon, but return tomorrow to GYE to find out results of blood tests and wait for other exams to be completed.

Asking for prayers for Daisy, and she sends licks and wags.